Boudoir Sessions

Red Queen Photography

Empowering women through photography, throughout Geelong, Melbourne and Victoria. Specialising in boudoir and contemporary portraiture for women. Own and love your beauty, no matter your age, size, shape or life experiences. You are beautiful, strong and sexy! You are a WOMAN! Love yourself!

I specialise in photographing women, celebrating your beauty through a fun and nurturing experience. As women, we tend to sacrifice our needs and wants for those of others around us, whether it's our children, our spouses, families or friends; it's how we've always been. Take a moment to spoil yourself, treat yourself to one of my photographic sessions, be brave, be strong and love yourself for your life and experiences and how they've shaped you. Email me now to discover how I can help you learn to love yourself, or even just call to join me for a coffee, I'd love to meet you - there's no better time than right now!


Anjella Roessler

Geelong, Victoria

0468 396478